Although the flare and excitement of impending events can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming and stressful.
Gooch Consulting and Event Services, LLC is a full service company that provides complete consulting for different types of events. Our consultation is professional, backed by many years of event planning experience. Our services include, but are not limited to décor for weddings and receptions, reunions, parties, corporate events, as well as budget planning, and event rentals.

What is the goal of Gooch Consulting & Event Services?

Our goal is to make all of your event day dreams turn into reality. We want to provide you with the best so that you and your guest will enjoy a beautiful day.
Working behind the scenes, we offer peace of mind by overseeing the entire event and by providing professional event planning expertise.
Our role includes troubleshooting the last-minute or unexpected details efficiently and effectively, so you and your guest enjoy VIP status, and not be encumbered with solving problems.
We therefore establish and rely on thorough and clear communication to eliminate stressful uncertainties. The purpose is to free you to mingle with guests and family, to relish the day of being King and Queen, to enjoy your dinner, and to laugh and dance without worries.
The result is a bride & groom, family & friends, or associates who get to fully enjoy the perfectly orchestrated event with all the trimmings.
So, whether this is your first wedding, a renewal of your vows, reunion, or corporate gala, we want every detail of your event to be both a pleasurable and a memorable experience. Therefore, we offer a host of service packages specifically tailored to your needs.

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